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Buying vineyards in
Champagne or Burgundy

Buying vineyards in Champagne or Burgundy fulfills yours dreams and satisfies your passion for viticulture or oenology.


An expert team.

Do you want to invest in a vineyard, or become the owner of a vineyard to produce your own Champagne or Burgundy wine? We have a variety of suitable offers for you.

MB: We search and select the vineyards or wine estates for sale that we feel are most suitable for your project, whether you want to to obtain bottles of your own brand or to invest in vineyards with a worldwide image and reputation.

To ensure the confidentiality of our clients’ transactions and activities, we deliberately do not publish advertisements, especially as our files are mostly off-market.

We work closely with the current owners or operators to ensure a transparent and efficient buying process and an alignment of interests.

« Buying a vineyard in Champagne or Burgundy is above all an exciting investment, and we are here to accompany you in this unique adventure »

We also offer you our extensive knowledge of the wine world and our know-how to help you achieve your goals: Learn more about Vitaceae Conseils


Buy vineyards.

Buying vines is a special process, and it necessarily meets the objectives of your project:

  • Choosing of the area or region of the vineyards
  • Determining the type of partnership with an operator (rental, type of rental: cash or in-kind)
  • Finding the ideal manager
  • Managing the vines
  • Future investments to be made
  • And other factors…

Our priority will be to discuss your project with you to better understand your motivations and thus formalise and structure your project.

The vineyard land market in Champagne & Burgundy.

The vineyard land markets in Champagne and Burgundy are both confidential markets. They require knowledge of and close relationships with local players. Our network allows us to access these off-market properties. We accompany you in your research and advise you on possible opportunities.

Once the target has been identified, our role will be to assist you in dealing with the viticultural administrations, inter-professional organisations, customs and the DDT in order to obtain authorisations depending on the nature of your project.

The criteria
to be taken into account
when buying a vineyard

Beyond the general aspects of the investment, a number of technical criteria must be taken into account, such as the location of the vines (crus and mentions), the grape varieties, the date of planting, managing the vineyards, their location on the terroir, possible isolation, the presence of viruses…

We collect elements such as:

  • The rental situation of the plots concerned
  • The environmental certifications implemented by the operator
  • The operator’s capacity to follow technical and environmental developments

…And we explain to you, if necessary, the importance of these criteria.

How your vineyard
purchase will unfold

Together with the buyer we define the contours of the investment wish in the same way as for a real estate investment:

  • Amount
  • Wine region
  • Type of wine and grape variety
  • Type of rental

After having mandated us to search for the desired vineyard or vineyards, we canvass in order to propose the appropriate properties.

If the proposed property meets expectations, we contact the seller’s notary and possibly yours to confirm the terms of the agreement between the parties. The drafting notary ensures the legal and financial security of the purchase.

Initially, the notary formalises a preliminary contract either in the form of a compromise or a promise to sell. As soon as it is signed, the SAFER is notified of the details of the sale (plot(s), price, rent, etc.). The SAFER has two months to validate the contours of the sale and, if necessary, to exercise its right of pre-emption.

Once the right of pre-emption has been lifted, the notary can proceed with the regularisation of the final deed of sale between the seller and the buyer (purchase either in the seller’s own name or through a GFV or SCI that has been set up beforehand). Depending on the case, either the vines are purchased freehold or they will be leased back. In this case, a new long-term lease must be drawn up by the notary in order to formalise the new relationship between the owner and the operator.


Managing your investment.

Once your acquisition has been completed, we will be at your side to assist you with the administrative procedures required to obtain a harvester’s or sharecropper’s card.

We offer our clients a follow-up of their investments. Consequently, we position ourselves as a trusted third party in order to ensure that the vines are properly managed by the operator or as a manager for an investment in a direct exploitation.

To this end, our dedicated structure VITACEAE CONSEILS will be able to respond to your needs, whether for your pleasure purchase or to make your investment grow.



Whether you are a wine grower in Champagne or Burgundy, vineyards have become an important investment to allow a coherent economic development of your operation.

Are you looking for investors or carrying solutions when one of your owners decides to sell or in the context of external growth? We propose to discuss with you, in order to determine together the solutions adapted to your objective. We will look for one or more investors who will hold the land or create an investment holding company or any other form of co-investment to meet your expectations. We are at your disposal, in complete confidentiality, to build a solution together.



Do you own vineyards in Champagne or Burgundy that you have inherited or hold shares in family GFAs? Do you wish to realise your investment or sell to devote yourself to other projects? We are at your disposal to offer you an estimate of the value of your property based on concrete elements: cadastral references, property deeds, possible leases. Based on this information, we will give you our estimate of the value of your plots of land or your vineyard and the avenues of research for their sale.

On receipt of the sale mandate, we will detail all aspects of the file, i.e. the legal, technical and financial elements, before drawing up a memorandum for future buyers.



VITACEAE Transactions has an extensive network in the vineyards and regularly solicits the help of specialists and experts in order to carry out the search or sale mandates it has. You are a Notary, Lawyer, Land Expert, Accountant, Vineyard Service Provider, or Asset Manager, and you have a relationship of trust with a vineyard owner, or an investor, or future buyer of vineyards? Become one of our partners by contacting us using the following form:


Become a wine grower, owner, partner or investor.